Taliban Vows to Respect Women’s Rights

The Taliban pledged Tuesday to respect women’s rights, forgive those who fought against them and pledge that Afghanistan will not become a safe haven for terrorists in a propaganda campaign aimed at reassuring the world’s nations and frightened populations. In a blitzkrieg offensive across Afghanistan that has seen many towns fall without a fight, the … Read More

Haiti hospital kills 1,419, 6,000 now injured

A hospital in southwestern Haiti was packed with patients, many of whom had to lie on patios, corridors, balconies and hallways after a powerful earthquake over the weekend destroyed homes, stores and other buildings. Then came the impending storm, which was expected to bring heavy rain Monday night, and officials had to relocate as many … Read More

Tygra reported on mass rape “unpunished”

In a report released by Amnesty International on Wednesday, dozens of women spoke of shocking sexual assaults by Ethiopian soldiers and coalition forces during the Tigray conflict, and the researcher said it was surprising that the perpetrators acted without fear of punishment from their commanders. “All of these forces believed from the outset that it … Read More